Engaging Pennsylvania

Senator Street has assembled an Exploratory Committee comprised of over 100 leaders from across the Commonwealth representing a diversity of experiences.
The committee will work with Senator Street to engage with voters around the Commonwealth and develop a winning policy agenda for Pennsylvania.

Meet Sharif

Sharif is the son of John Street, a hotdog vendor who became Mayor of Philadelphia, and Helen Street-Mosee, a retired school teacher. They raised him and his 3 siblings in North Philadelphia — the same community he now represents — where he now lives with his wife, April.

Growing up in North Philly wasn’t easy for Sharif. He was only twelve years old when he first saw somebody get shot, at a festival in a park. He witnessed family and friends lose their home, forced to choose between food, medicine, or their rent. As a young lawyer, he witnessed first-hand the cruelty of the criminal justice system, where people convicted of no crime watched their world collapse around them — losing their job, their children, and their sanity — because they couldn’t post bail.

Exploratory Committee

Senator Street is joined by Democratic party leaders, clergy, business leaders, and activists from across the Commonwealth.