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Sharif's Vision for Pennsylvania

Union port workers in Philadelphia unload cocoa beans from Africa, and dairy farmers in rural PA produce milk necessary to turn that cocoa into Hershey’s chocolate. Natural gas infrastructure in western Pennsylvania helps lead our booming domestic energy industry, and distinguished scientists working in our world class universities make breakthroughs in sustainable energy technology. Underpaid teachers do their best to educate disadvantaged children of color in dilapidated urban schools filled with asbestos and underserved kids in underfunded rural schools in the “T”. Pennsylvanians from across the Commonwealth share common successes and similar struggles. Sharif’s vision is based on finding solutions that bring people together, invests in our strengths, and focuses on the things that uplift and unite Pennsylvanians.

All Pennsylvanians deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare whether they live in a big city or in a rural community. We can lower healthcare costs by strengthening insurance networks, eliminating surprise balance billing practices, and getting a handle on rising pharmaceutical costs.

  • Make it easier for our seniors to access home healthcare

  • Reduce premiums in the healthcare marketplace

  • Lower prescription drug prices

  • Improve access to healthcare in rural Pennsylvania

  • Increase funding for hospitals who serve low income patients

  • Eliminate predatory short-term health insurance plans

Sharif understands that access to quality education is the key to raising strong families and a building a prosperous Pennsylvania. Sharif is fighting for state of the art educational opportunities across the Commonwealth, from fairly funded public schools, to world class higher education institutions with focused career and technical training.

  • Fully fund public schools without pitting school districts against another

  • Restore charter school reimbursement

  • Focus on career and technical education

  • Reduce student debt

Pennsylvania has more people serving time in prison than almost every other state in the country. We must end the school to prison pipeline and reduce the number of people incarcerated in our state. We can start with eliminating cash bail, creating more opportunities for parole and probation, and completely ending the death penalty.

  • Extend parole eligibility to those serving life sentences

  • Establish a state office of re-entry programs

  • Auto-expunge all charges not resulting in a conviction

  • End cash bail in Pennsylvania

  • Decriminalize possession of cannabis

  • Enact comprehensive probation reform

Sharif believes that government officials must stop managing decline. For years we have been struggling to get our budget in balance by raising taxes or cutting services. We must implement progressive, pro-growth economic policies that will grow our economy, create jobs, and increase revenue.

  • Close the Delaware loophole and reduce Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax

  • Implement angel investor tax credits

  • Offer electric vehicle infrastructure tax credits

  • Institute a state earned income tax credit

One of the problems in Pennsylvania politics is the false belief that some issues are “rural issues” and others are “urban issues.” The strength of PA’s agruculture industry affects all of us no matter where we live.

  • Connect Pennsylvania dairy with West African Cocoa

  • Bring cheese and yogurt processing plants to Philadelphia

  • Promote the sale of Pennsylvania-produced milk in schools

  • Position Pennsylvania as a leader in the industrial hemp market

  • Legalize cannabis for adult use

  • Invest in urban farming

If we want to uplift our communities, all Pennsylvania residents must have access to jobs with decent wages. Sharif’s plan invests real resources in key growth industries that can provide jobs in every part of our Commonwealth.

  • Increase the minimum wage

  • Develop a Main Street strategy

  • Invest in the renewable energy sector

  • Make serious investments in infrastructure

  • Grow the home healthcare industry

  • End the prohibition on Cannabis

We must make strategic investments in transportation infrastructure across the Commonwealth because individuals, families, employees, and businesses from every corner of Pennsylvania rely on it. Expanded transportation options will quickly connect Pennsylvanians with major hubs in the Northeast, like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston.

  • Expand and upgrade mass transit

  • Invest in innovative transportation technology

  • Invest in world class cargo infrastructure at PHL airport

Being a responsible steward of the earth and promoting a successful business environment are not mutually exclusive. The clean energy sector is growing rapidly in Pennsylvania and creating thousands of jobs. We must continue to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure, specifically fast-charging highway stations, electric-fleet vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

  • Investing in clean car infrastructure across the state

  • Create a roadmap to 100% renewable energy by 2050

  • Modernize our electrical grid

  • Require stricter standards for the inspection and upkeep of pipelines in Pennsylvania

All Pennsylvanians deserve to be treated equally. We live and work in a commonwealth that was founded on the basis of freedom from religious oppression and a city that is the historical birthplace of freedom and liberty.

  • Pass an LGBT non-discrimination bill

  • Promote religious freedom

  • Strengthen voter rights

  • Stand up for women’s rights

  • Fight against attacks on labor rights

  • Open an office of new Americans

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